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The best known fund manager on Wall Street, Peter Lynch, tells us his method of making a winning investment with simple and easy to understand methods. According to Lynch, the investment opportunities are everywhere: in the supermarket, in the workplace, we find the best investments and we do not realize.

With just pay attention and know what to look for, you can find companies to invest before professional analysts discover them. When shareholders and investors arrive early, they may find the shares of a company that appreciate by ten times the initial investment.

Investment in this book, Peter Lunch offers easy tips you can follow to find companies that will win a lot of money. You will also learn what to look for to see the financial statements of the company and know what numbers really count.

Books to learn to invest: The Intelligent Investor

This investment book written by one of the geniuses of finance, Benjamin Graham, is described as the best book ever written investment and finance by none other than Warren Buffett (the richest on the planet investor). He continues saying: "Chapters 8 and 20 have been the cornerstone of my investment activities for more than 60 years," he says. "I suggest that all shareholders and investors read this book and reread each time the market has had a particularly strong or weak period".

Best investment books: The Little Book That Beats the Market

As Warren Buffett says, investing is simple but not easy. This book focuses on simplicity of investment. This book finance is written by Joel Greenblatt, who has averaged annual gains of about 40% for more than 20 years, he explains how to invest in the stock market using sixth-grade math and a very simple language that puts Wall Street in terms very easy to understand.

Books of the stock market: The most important thing to invest with common sense

This is one of the best investment books written in recent years. Warren Buffet describes it as: ". A very useful book" "A rarity" this book by Howard Marks. We recommend this as one of the books to learn how to invest as it teaches you the keys that you look for in companies to successful investments, but also teaches you to think like an investor without getting caught up in rumors of the media and stories exaggerated investment.

Best Books of the stock market: Competitive Strategy

Do you want to learn how to evaluate and appreciate some company or company to invest in it? This book will help you achieve it step by step. Written by Michael E. Porter, a professor at Harvard Business College, this book identifies investment two main sources of competitive advantage: cost leadership (economies of scale, technology sectors, etc.) and product differentiation (companies that focus on product attributes and consider the buyer the most important). This book provides a solid basis for understanding why some companies create value while not the best and the other end badly. It is packed with real-life examples of how you can use this strategy to find companies that can be the investment opportunity of your life.

Recommended investment books for reading

We hope our list of the best investment books help you improve your skills as a shareholder or investor in the stock market. If after this list you keep looking books of the bag or any other investment area, leave us a comment at the bottom telling us about the area you need help and give you suggestions of books that you will like. Also, if you've had experience with these books and investment or you have read, tell us what you think of them and how you have helped improve your skills by purchasing stocks or other investments. If you have other books recommended investment, leave a comment and will look to add to our list.