The 3 basic books if you are going to start investing in the stock market


Every day, more people venture to invest their capital in the stock market. Although not concerned, in most cases, investment large volume of assets, know the functioning of markets it is essential to succeed in managing stock indexes. To do this, experts recommend three books bedside for those who want to start investing in the stock market.

There is a huge range of works and texts related to the stock exchange and securities markets. However, not all are useful when started in investment capital. Experts recommend three books to get started in this world, but emphasize the importance of combining study with practical courses of at least six months.

All of them are aimed at learners investors because they are manual whose content is indicative of high level. Above all, they deal with topics that help you understand the basic strategies and tactics for investing technique, recommended by traders and professional investors.

The recommended works are published by the publisher of the magazine Investment, Investment Issues S.L., one of the highlights of the sector.

These are the three basic books you should read if you are going to start investing in the stock market:

  • - "Managing assets".
  • - "Manual of technical analysis".
  • - "Manual of fundamental analysis".
  • "Managing assets"

    Carlos explains Lasvignes, professor of CML Bolsa courses, ideally managed their own heritage. In fact, more and more people learn to manage the appropriate programs to carry out the necessary operations to make profitable their own heritage.

    Before stresses Lasvignes, "it is essential to learn to operate with technique, as the bag is not a game, is purely that, technique."

    "The important thing is that you do someone in the family and young," he adds, "because of its proximity to the new technologies allow them to learn more quickly and accurately in management of price charts and quotes".

    Precisely this advice the importance of this book is derived as a manual header when started in the investment markets. The book explains all the keys to learn to self manage their own assets, shedding light on some aspects, such as the values ​​on which is more advisable to invest. In this case it highlights the following:

      - In equity - Within the financial market it is necessary to know how, when and which stocks to buy. The most recommended are the values ​​"blue chips" (chips in the casino that have more value). the most important values, which assume an enormous amount of capital tratade.
      - In fixed income - investments that match the term term maturity, never enter auctions.

    "Manual of technical analysis"

    The decision on when, how and where to invest is the most attractive investment world facet. These decisions put to the test all the knowledge of the investor and his hunches and intuitions.

    Something particularly complex always, but especially in times like the present, high volatility in the markets.

    In the decision to invest is always looking for a goal above others: obtaining a profit. But in most cases, the benefit is always directly proportional to risego assumed by the investor.

    Technical Analysis: To date only one method really help you make the best decision when choosing an investment or other known.

    This book explains in detail how to carry out this process based on the study of charts and indicators and recommended by most experts in this field.

    "Manual of fundamental analysis"

    Fundamental analysis is the most important types of analysis, for several reasons. The first because it is essential when deciding on an investment. And secondly because their conclusions are essential in the world of asset management.

    This type of analysis is in charge of arguing criteria for the decision to invest is based as much as possible in processes and logical criteria. Thus, performing a thorough analysis and without gaps, the probability of error is only subject to systematic risks of stock market investment, or what is the same, the risks inherent in the market.

    The importance of this book lies in its complete and detailed explanation of the application of this type of analysis, which is, according to experts, the system of study, financial and non-financial, of all information available in the market that affects values listed, with the sole purpose of carrying out efficient investment decisions.

    Practical, essential initiation courses

    These manuals are very useful in the initiation, especially if they combine with courses where necessary to invest in different markets products and techniques are learned. Courses practical and very technical, more than 6 months with a teacher, completed the course, take you for a year, at least, hand in investments.

    One of the training schools that stand out in this field is CML Bolsa, whose philosophy is based on training through practical demonstrations using specialized operational techniques.

    It is a company dedicated to the formation of Investors Securities Private and Professional (Traders, consultants, analysts, agents linked Exchange, Fund Managers, Financial Directors, businessmen and presidents of companies listed on the stock exchange) that are interested in operating in Exchange, Futures and CFDs, with demonstrably effective operational techniques.

    His philosophy is based on training through practical demonstrations using specialized operational techniques, which continued to provide unbeneficio investments. Additional courses are taught by professionals in the sector, with many years of dedication to this profession.

    In addition, it completed training courses, CML Bolsa offers students the coverage they require for maximum mastery of the subject.